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Why Riding Motorcycles Are Better Than Driving Cars

It is a fact that single girls will be attracted by the men who ride a Harley motorcycle passing through them. However, it is not the main reason why single bikers choose to ride. Car drivers may be difficult to understand that why there are people who would trade in four wheels for two. But for those who ride motorcycle every day, they know how wonderful to be on a Harley. And they are sure there are many advantages to riding versus driving. Next, let’s take a look at the main reasons why motorcycles are better than cars.

  1. Economical
    It is absolutely cheaper to own a motorcycle than a car for the upfront costs and long-term expenses. The gas prices are just $4 a gallon for motorcycles, which are cheaper than the gas prices for cars. Besides, expert bikers can do almost all the maintenance and repair jobs by themselves, which will save a lot of money.
  2. Safer
    Normally, people will think that riding motorcycles is more dangerous than driving cars. That is a misconception. Single motorcycle riders know well that they are responsible for their lives, as well we their passenger’s, so they will be more concentrative and careful. For example, it is rare to see that a rider is busy looking at a phone or GPS system when he is riding.
  3. Freedom
    It is just amazing to feel the open road and the wind in your face, which is a real freedom considered with the windows of the cars. So, there are numerous senior motorcycle enthusiasts are flocking to experience riding in their old age who regard it as an escape from their boring lives.
  4. Community
    Motorcycling community is a tight and intimate group. The community will organize some group riding or some long distance motorcycle traveling and camping for its members to have fun. But for car owners, they will get fewer opportunities like that.
  5. A better way to date a biker girl
    Maybe you can hold hands for the entire journey with your date when driving a car, which seems romantic. But you should know that riding with your biker girl will allow both of your body to get close tightly. Thus, you and your biker date will be close both physically and mentally.
  6. Parking
    Back to a realistic problem. Parking a car can be annoying, especially when you are in a hurry to meet your date. But it is much easier for motorcycle riders to find a parking space for the smaller size.

How to Avoid Aches and Pain on Long Motorcycle Trip

Long motorcycle traveling is never a pain to single biker men and biker women, but it will cause pain to them. Whether you are an experienced riders or a beginner, long time on motorcycles can cause cramps in the legs and arms, as well as aches in the wrists, back, neck and knees. These pains can not only cause discomfort, but also become a dangerous distraction, which could be a safety risk. Bikers are high-strung when they are riding with their biker girl, which will be easier to feel the pains. Avoiding cramps, aches and pains is not easy, but it can make motorcycle riders to ride safely and comfortably.

  1. Stay hydrated. Everyone’s body depends on water to survive. Water will lose faster when you are out under the sun and when you are physically active. When bikers dehydrated, it can impair signaling to muscle which will lead to cramps.
  2. Stretch. Before riding out and at every stop, motorcycle riders can do some basic stretches. Just do some back, leg, neck and wrist stretches before getting on the bike, which will prevent cramps more or less. And when you start cramping, you can do stretches as well to make it ease. But don’t do too much on the bike, especially when you are riding with a bike babe.
  3. Loosen up. Just think about your posture on the motorcycle consciously to loosen up yourself. Drop your shoulders, loosen your grip on the handlebars, flap your elbow and straighten your legs out. However, don’t allow our feet to leave the controls for long in case of emergency. And don’t be pressed to catch up with your biker friends.
  4. Dress properly. Heat can cause dehydration, which will lead to cramping. Harley riders should consider a hydration vest which will allow cool air to flow up your sleeves or open your vents on your jackets and use wet handkerchief around your neck. At the same time, cold can cause joint and back pain. So, dress warmly and consider placing heat packs into your clothes.
  5. Change seat position. Changing the seat every couple of hours can change motorcycle riders’ posture on the bike so they will not get frozen in just one position. You can consider a cushion to add comfort and add height on the motorcycles. And when you have had several long distance motorcycle traveling, you may realize that settings should be different when riding on highways, carving the canyons and commuting.
  6. Pain killer. If you have followed every tip above and still suffering from the pains, consider taking some pain killers. But be aware that if the pain killers you are going to take cannot be used when driving or if they will make you drowsy on bikes.

Tips for motorcycle riding in hot weather

Absolutely, the summer is a great season for sunrise and sunset motorcycle dating. And most motorcycle clubs will organize motorcycle group riding and rallies for biker lovers at that time. So it is not strange to see many motorcycle riders riding on the street in high temperatures during the summer.

Unfortunately, due to the hot weather, Harley riders could easily get sunstroke. If they wear inappropriate protective equipment when they are riding, the probability of sunstroke will be increased a lot. In order to keep safe and cool, bikers need to consider wearing the professionally designed motorcycle riding gear. Here are some advice may help you.

  1. Vented helmets
    In the winter, the full-face helmet is the first choice to keep safe as well as keep warm. But in the summer, Harley riders have to choose the half-head helmet to keep cool and guarantee riding safety. In general conditions, the helmet will make it hard for motorcycle riders to cool down. When bikers are riding, they will release heat constantly. The vented helmet has an air hole that can help motorcyclists to dissipate the inside heat faster. With this tool, motorcycle riders are able to remain sober-minded and quick reaction always.
  2. Cool suits
    No matter how high the temperature is, motorcycle riders have to dress protection suit. To solve the contradiction between safety and cool, some manufactures have produced special cool motorcycle suits. For example, the suits of Moto-D have designed a washable liner which can promote the air circulation and draw the moisture away from the body. This way, the body temperature can stay cool all the time.
  3. Vented leather jacket
    There is exhaust-type jacket that can meet the requirements of those motorcycle enthusiasts who love wearing leather jackets. The working principle of those clothes to keep cool is simple. Those special jackets allow a limited amount of outside air to pass through the Harley riders to help them neutralize the hot air generated by the body.
  4. Cool pants and gloves
    In addition, bikers would better dress casual pants instead of jeans in the hot weather. After all, the cooling effect of jeans is poor. Of course, motorcycle riders also need to buy some related gear to protect vulnerable points, such as hips, knees, wrists and so on. So the gloves and knee defenders are also the essentials for summer motorcycle riding. Actually, riding the motorcycle in itself is a good way of sunstroke prevention. Because when you are flying on the road with your motorcycle, the fresh wind can blow away the sweat on your skin to cool your body.

Undoubtedly, having a summer Harley dating together with other biker singles will be more interesting. If you want to find like-minded Harley riders, you might as well register the Harley dating sites where you can not only get more summer riding tips, but also can have more chances to meet more biker friends.

Key Things to Have a Safe and Pleasurable Motorcycle Adventure

Last summer, I finally got to make the cross-country motorcycle trip I’ve dreamed for years. Since I am a single biker, so I always want to have a long distance trip on two wheels, but my life is limited by my job. And I keep telling myself that I am not ready for this. Just on a normal day to work, I suddenly wake up and I think it is time to realize my dream. And with my years of riding experience, I’ve successfully made a safe and pleasurable cross-country summer ride. Here’s what I learned from my ride, hoping these tips will help you.

  1. Keep hydrated. Living in a mild climate, I always forget to pack my CamlBak for my trip and the ends are always bad. This time, I kept it full of ice throughout the trip. I know it is a pain for most motorcycle riders, but you will be glad that you did so when you start to feel dehydrated. With enough water to stay hydrated, I can finish a day ride feeling less fatigued and don’t suffer the “road headache,”
  2. Medications at hand. A cross-country ride is usually about riding in the wild. An ordinary headache or long lasting muscle pains will need quick treatment by medicines. So, the small bag packed with a prefabricated hiker’s first aid kit I brought with me helped a lot, including an assortment relievers, sunscreen and allergy medicines.
  3. Packing smarter to waterproof your pack. Don’t believe the sellers that their packs are waterproof. When the first down-pour on your motorcycle trip, you will know how ridiculous the words are. What helped me was using my extra gear that was waterproof to seal my pack and pack my tarp and extra jacket to cover other gear inside my bag. This way can make sure your pack won’t get wet by rain easily.
  4. Be kind to yourself. As everyone knows, single Harley riders usually don’t get the best food for their stomach. This time, I tried my best to eat well and drink moderate alcohol consumption on the trip. You guess what? I woke up every morning feeling better and fresher. And start early in the morning can be the best starter for it will become hotter gradually.
  5. Bring a compass. Don’t misunderstand that the compass is for sailors. An adventure motorcycle trip covers the exploration of beaten paths where have no guideboard or many local people to show you the directions. When you start to explore the wild scenic routes and back roads, you will be glad that you have a compass at hand.

How I Started Riding A Motorcycle

I am a newbie motorcycle rider with less than two months’ riding. Here I want to write something to document my personal experience as a new biker woman. Thus I can remember all the things that bring me into the second chapter of life. The beginning two months are exhilarating, frightening, fun and is one of the best times of my life. And once I have enough miles on the motorcycle to become an expert motorcycle rider, I can be proud to show other newbies how to ride with my own experiences.

How I begin to ride? Well, it sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth. I am a 45 years old and I am single. So, I get the chance to meet a biker man online whose name is Richard. Without him, I couldn’t turn myself to motorcycling. It is him who shows me the freedom and the excitement the biking can bring to my life. So, with his help, I start to take the risk to learn to ride at the age of 45. Here I want to thank Richard for being brave to teach me how to ride, helping me to find my first bike and dedicating so much time to stay with me!

Since I have never rode on a motorcycle, Richard think it is better for me to begin my riding as a passenger at his back. He has a black bike which is beautiful and fast. The first few rides were all short trip. Usually, he rode me someplace for a bite to eat, or to a park for a walk. Richard is a nice coach and he was very careful not to make me feel a little bit uncomfortable or unsafe. Well, he did a great job, because soon after a few days I was totally into riding a motorcycle on streets to feel the wind and the sunshine.

Then Richard began to take me to take part in some group rides, which were all amazing. And I have learned more things about motorcycling. Once, there was only one woman rider in the group and it seemed like his motorcycle was in trouble. But she didn’t hesitate to try to repair her own bike even though there were plenty of biker men who are willing to help her out. What impressed me was that she was quite confident about riding alone.

After Richard thought it was time for me to ride, he helped me purchase my first motorcycle. Before I attend the motorcycle training class, my friend started teaching me the basics. First was the important items in motorcycles: the breaks, clutch, throttle and etc. Then he had me sit on the bike and asked me to do it myself. I was reluctant to do the process. But Richard continually encouraged me to do what I should do to start the bike. I finally started up the engine, pulled in the clutch, shifted into 1st gear, slowly released the clutch off and put two feet up. I couldn’t believe that I was cruising in 1st gear.

So, I want to tell other women that finding a single biker man and start riding your own motorcycle. And here I will give one tip for all newbies: don’t be reluctant to place your feet on the foot pegs.

Find Best Motorcycle Byways to Double Your Fun

There may be not too many best motorcycle roads for bikers to ride in their city. Thus, it is possible that they will get bored with a good road for motorcycling, although the destination is great. Then they have to vary the route and try a few different byways to get to the place that they want to get. Usually, there are some loop roads that branch off the main route and eventually rejoin with the main route, which will make the journey longer. But it can double the fun of riding and add a little spice. Here are ways for motorcycle riders to find alternative byways.

  1. Explore: When you find a branch road, don’t hesitate to ride down. If you don’t have a try, you will never know where it might lead. It could open up a whole new route that may lead you to your final destination. Even if it is a dead end, so what’s it matter? Turn around and keep riding.
  2. Compass: Prepare yourself a compass if you are open to seek out some byways to ride. Just use the sun and the compass to help you locate the direction of your final destination and feel free to try all the byways along the way. This way can avoid ending up doubling back on yourself.
  3. Hasten slowly: Don’t set a deadline for yourself if you want to try some byways. Because on the way, you may have to backtrack, you may get hopelessly lost, you may go around in circles. All the accidents will prevent you arriving at your destination on time. So, just relax yourself and don’t be in a hurry. Along the way, you may get the chance to meet bikers who are doing the same as you do.
  4. Signs: If you have plenty of time to try new byways, then you can try those roads which are signed with “No through road”, “gravel road”, or “local traffic only”. Sometimes, those roads are ways through and those signs are just lies placed by some bad guys. However, those roads may be via a bit of gravel or a track, which requires adventure bikes or bikes that are not troubled by gravel.
  5. Landmarks: Experienced bikers know that hills and rivers are topographic indicators of great roads. So, if you see a hill in the distance, just head for it. You will find roads that twist and turn around the hill. The same goes for river, which will have a ferry crossing, or even a water crossing.

If you have a GPS, make sure it can track the byways you have ridden through so you c
an remember it or you can share them with your biker friends. If you only have a paper map, then mark it when you have breaks on the road.