How I Started Riding A Motorcycle

I am a newbie motorcycle rider with less than two months’ riding. Here I want to write something to document my personal experience as a new biker woman. Thus I can remember all the things that bring me into the second chapter of life. The beginning two months are exhilarating, frightening, fun and is one of the best times of my life. And once I have enough miles on the motorcycle to become an expert motorcycle rider, I can be proud to show other newbies how to ride with my own experiences.

How I begin to ride? Well, it sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth. I am a 45 years old and I am single. So, I get the chance to meet a biker man online whose name is Richard. Without him, I couldn’t turn myself to motorcycling. It is him who shows me the freedom and the excitement the biking can bring to my life. So, with his help, I start to take the risk to learn to ride at the age of 45. Here I want to thank Richard for being brave to teach me how to ride, helping me to find my first bike and dedicating so much time to stay with me!

Since I have never rode on a motorcycle, Richard think it is better for me to begin my riding as a passenger at his back. He has a black bike which is beautiful and fast. The first few rides were all short trip. Usually, he rode me someplace for a bite to eat, or to a park for a walk. Richard is a nice coach and he was very careful not to make me feel a little bit uncomfortable or unsafe. Well, he did a great job, because soon after a few days I was totally into riding a motorcycle on streets to feel the wind and the sunshine.

Then Richard began to take me to take part in some group rides, which were all amazing. And I have learned more things about motorcycling. Once, there was only one woman rider in the group and it seemed like his motorcycle was in trouble. But she didn’t hesitate to try to repair her own bike even though there were plenty of biker men who are willing to help her out. What impressed me was that she was quite confident about riding alone.

After Richard thought it was time for me to ride, he helped me purchase my first motorcycle. Before I attend the motorcycle training class, my friend started teaching me the basics. First was the important items in motorcycles: the breaks, clutch, throttle and etc. Then he had me sit on the bike and asked me to do it myself. I was reluctant to do the process. But Richard continually encouraged me to do what I should do to start the bike. I finally started up the engine, pulled in the clutch, shifted into 1st gear, slowly released the clutch off and put two feet up. I couldn’t believe that I was cruising in 1st gear.

So, I want to tell other women that finding a single biker man and start riding your own motorcycle. And here I will give one tip for all newbies: don’t be reluctant to place your feet on the foot pegs.