How to Avoid Aches and Pain on Long Motorcycle Trip

Long motorcycle traveling is never a pain to single biker men and biker women, but it will cause pain to them. Whether you are an experienced riders or a beginner, long time on motorcycles can cause cramps in the legs and arms, as well as aches in the wrists, back, neck and knees. These pains can not only cause discomfort, but also become a dangerous distraction, which could be a safety risk. Bikers are high-strung when they are riding with their biker girl, which will be easier to feel the pains. Avoiding cramps, aches and pains is not easy, but it can make motorcycle riders to ride safely and comfortably.

  1. Stay hydrated. Everyone’s body depends on water to survive. Water will lose faster when you are out under the sun and when you are physically active. When bikers dehydrated, it can impair signaling to muscle which will lead to cramps.
  2. Stretch. Before riding out and at every stop, motorcycle riders can do some basic stretches. Just do some back, leg, neck and wrist stretches before getting on the bike, which will prevent cramps more or less. And when you start cramping, you can do stretches as well to make it ease. But don’t do too much on the bike, especially when you are riding with a bike babe.
  3. Loosen up. Just think about your posture on the motorcycle consciously to loosen up yourself. Drop your shoulders, loosen your grip on the handlebars, flap your elbow and straighten your legs out. However, don’t allow our feet to leave the controls for long in case of emergency. And don’t be pressed to catch up with your biker friends.
  4. Dress properly. Heat can cause dehydration, which will lead to cramping. Harley riders should consider a hydration vest which will allow cool air to flow up your sleeves or open your vents on your jackets and use wet handkerchief around your neck. At the same time, cold can cause joint and back pain. So, dress warmly and consider placing heat packs into your clothes.
  5. Change seat position. Changing the seat every couple of hours can change motorcycle riders’ posture on the bike so they will not get frozen in just one position. You can consider a cushion to add comfort and add height on the motorcycles. And when you have had several long distance motorcycle traveling, you may realize that settings should be different when riding on highways, carving the canyons and commuting.
  6. Pain killer. If you have followed every tip above and still suffering from the pains, consider taking some pain killers. But be aware that if the pain killers you are going to take cannot be used when driving or if they will make you drowsy on bikes.