Key Things to Have a Safe and Pleasurable Motorcycle Adventure

Last summer, I finally got to make the cross-country motorcycle trip I’ve dreamed for years. Since I am a single biker, so I always want to have a long distance trip on two wheels, but my life is limited by my job. And I keep telling myself that I am not ready for this. Just on a normal day to work, I suddenly wake up and I think it is time to realize my dream. And with my years of riding experience, I’ve successfully made a safe and pleasurable cross-country summer ride. Here’s what I learned from my ride, hoping these tips will help you.

  1. Keep hydrated. Living in a mild climate, I always forget to pack my CamlBak for my trip and the ends are always bad. This time, I kept it full of ice throughout the trip. I know it is a pain for most motorcycle riders, but you will be glad that you did so when you start to feel dehydrated. With enough water to stay hydrated, I can finish a day ride feeling less fatigued and don’t suffer the “road headache,”
  2. Medications at hand. A cross-country ride is usually about riding in the wild. An ordinary headache or long lasting muscle pains will need quick treatment by medicines. So, the small bag packed with a prefabricated hiker’s first aid kit I brought with me helped a lot, including an assortment relievers, sunscreen and allergy medicines.
  3. Packing smarter to waterproof your pack. Don’t believe the sellers that their packs are waterproof. When the first down-pour on your motorcycle trip, you will know how ridiculous the words are. What helped me was using my extra gear that was waterproof to seal my pack and pack my tarp and extra jacket to cover other gear inside my bag. This way can make sure your pack won’t get wet by rain easily.
  4. Be kind to yourself. As everyone knows, single Harley riders usually don’t get the best food for their stomach. This time, I tried my best to eat well and drink moderate alcohol consumption on the trip. You guess what? I woke up every morning feeling better and fresher. And start early in the morning can be the best starter for it will become hotter gradually.
  5. Bring a compass. Don’t misunderstand that the compass is for sailors. An adventure motorcycle trip covers the exploration of beaten paths where have no guideboard or many local people to show you the directions. When you start to explore the wild scenic routes and back roads, you will be glad that you have a compass at hand.