Stay Safe While Dating on Online Biker Dating Websites

When it comes to finding a compatible Harley motorcycle rider online, male Harley riders and female Harley riders might have a lot to say. One of the common problems is the safety issues that every single Harley rider face. There are things Harley motorcycle riders should do to make other biker girls and biker guys feel safer on dates. In order to have a better insight into it, we have conducted a survey among more than 7,000 biker women and biker man, who have given us their perspective on how they stay safe when being on online biker dating websites.

“Before going on the first date with a biker chick or biker dude, I always tell at least one of my close biker friends or family members where I am. And for the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who haven’t gotten much experience in online Harley dating, I also recommend them to turn on location sharing. Motorcycle women and motorcycle man should always keep in mind that it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“As for the location for the first date, motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes should always meet in a public place. Moreover, if the man biker or women bikers choose to meet in a bar, always purchase and handle their own drinks just in case.”

“Before the date with my potential motorcycle gentleman or motorcycle ladies, I always search their names on google to know better about this Harley motorcycle rider I met on free Harley dating sites. And I will always send the screen shot of the information of the motorcycle babe or biker babe I am going to meet.”

“I always ride on my Harley Davidson bikes to meet my Harley girls or Harley guy, and I will arrange my date in a public place where I’ll have to pay for parking nearby. And here’s a trick for the Harley girls and Harley guy if you want too avoid any awkward situation with your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude: pay for an hour of parking. Thus, if the date is going downhill, you have a legit excuse to leave!

“Before I sign up on online motorcycle dating websites, I would always go through the regulations on online biker dating websites to see if the information is well decrypted. Moreover, I would never give off my private information such as phone number, the company I’m working for and my home address to any Harley motorcycle riders I met on online biker dating websites.”

“I promised myself to not be polite to the biker chick or biker dude if I got a bad vibe or if I sensed bad intentions. When I went to a date with a Harley motorcycle rider who always lives a Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, I met a Harley motorcycle rider who get cranky when I didn’t accept to go back with him on the first date, and I stood with my point without being polite.”