Tips for motorcycle riding in hot weather

Absolutely, the summer is a great season for sunrise and sunset motorcycle dating. And most motorcycle clubs will organize motorcycle group riding and rallies for biker lovers at that time. So it is not strange to see many motorcycle riders riding on the street in high temperatures during the summer.

Unfortunately, due to the hot weather, Harley riders could easily get sunstroke. If they wear inappropriate protective equipment when they are riding, the probability of sunstroke will be increased a lot. In order to keep safe and cool, bikers need to consider wearing the professionally designed motorcycle riding gear. Here are some advice may help you.

  1. Vented helmets
    In the winter, the full-face helmet is the first choice to keep safe as well as keep warm. But in the summer, Harley riders have to choose the half-head helmet to keep cool and guarantee riding safety. In general conditions, the helmet will make it hard for motorcycle riders to cool down. When bikers are riding, they will release heat constantly. The vented helmet has an air hole that can help motorcyclists to dissipate the inside heat faster. With this tool, motorcycle riders are able to remain sober-minded and quick reaction always.
  2. Cool suits
    No matter how high the temperature is, motorcycle riders have to dress protection suit. To solve the contradiction between safety and cool, some manufactures have produced special cool motorcycle suits. For example, the suits of Moto-D have designed a washable liner which can promote the air circulation and draw the moisture away from the body. This way, the body temperature can stay cool all the time.
  3. Vented leather jacket
    There is exhaust-type jacket that can meet the requirements of those motorcycle enthusiasts who love wearing leather jackets. The working principle of those clothes to keep cool is simple. Those special jackets allow a limited amount of outside air to pass through the Harley riders to help them neutralize the hot air generated by the body.
  4. Cool pants and gloves
    In addition, bikers would better dress casual pants instead of jeans in the hot weather. After all, the cooling effect of jeans is poor. Of course, motorcycle riders also need to buy some related gear to protect vulnerable points, such as hips, knees, wrists and so on. So the gloves and knee defenders are also the essentials for summer motorcycle riding. Actually, riding the motorcycle in itself is a good way of sunstroke prevention. Because when you are flying on the road with your motorcycle, the fresh wind can blow away the sweat on your skin to cool your body.

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