Why Riding Motorcycles Are Better Than Driving Cars

It is a fact that single girls will be attracted by the men who ride a Harley motorcycle passing through them. However, it is not the main reason why single bikers choose to ride. Car drivers may be difficult to understand that why there are people who would trade in four wheels for two. But for those who ride motorcycle every day, they know how wonderful to be on a Harley. And they are sure there are many advantages to riding versus driving. Next, let’s take a look at the main reasons why motorcycles are better than cars.

  1. Economical
    It is absolutely cheaper to own a motorcycle than a car for the upfront costs and long-term expenses. The gas prices are just $4 a gallon for motorcycles, which are cheaper than the gas prices for cars. Besides, expert bikers can do almost all the maintenance and repair jobs by themselves, which will save a lot of money.
  2. Safer
    Normally, people will think that riding motorcycles is more dangerous than driving cars. That is a misconception. Single motorcycle riders know well that they are responsible for their lives, as well we their passenger’s, so they will be more concentrative and careful. For example, it is rare to see that a rider is busy looking at a phone or GPS system when he is riding.
  3. Freedom
    It is just amazing to feel the open road and the wind in your face, which is a real freedom considered with the windows of the cars. So, there are numerous senior motorcycle enthusiasts are flocking to experience riding in their old age who regard it as an escape from their boring lives.
  4. Community
    Motorcycling community is a tight and intimate group. The community will organize some group riding or some long distance motorcycle traveling and camping for its members to have fun. But for car owners, they will get fewer opportunities like that.
  5. A better way to date a biker girl
    Maybe you can hold hands for the entire journey with your date when driving a car, which seems romantic. But you should know that riding with your biker girl will allow both of your body to get close tightly. Thus, you and your biker date will be close both physically and mentally.
  6. Parking
    Back to a realistic problem. Parking a car can be annoying, especially when you are in a hurry to meet your date. But it is much easier for motorcycle riders to find a parking space for the smaller size.