Motorcycle Dating Tips & Advice

3 tips to improve your online biker dating experience


biker womenThere are multiple choices between texts and calls, formal dine out on your Harley motorcycle and casual motorcycle ride, make a call right away or play hard to get. The “dose” and “don’t” in a motorcycle dating life can be quite confusing for the Harley biker singles who are just back to the game and wish to conduct an active social life by spending time with other compatible Harley biker enthusiasts. It can be even more challenging when it comes to biker online dating as the initial starting place of a romantic biker relationship starts from a virtual place where the vivid feelings of Harley biker individual can sometimes be interpreted in a wrong way without the actual physical connection. Therefore our biker dating website has assembled a set of expert biker dating tips catering exclusively to Harley motorcycle lovers written by a group of counselors for motorcycle relationship in an effort to optimize the quality Harley motorcycle dating experience.

1.Discard all the impersonal texts.
Yes...yes...I know the importance of text messages can’t be addressed more since it’s basically the main way to get to know your special Harley motorcycle enthusiast on the first stage of falling in love with someone you meet on a Harley motorcycle online dating site. But I would love to quote Erika Martinez, the well known licensed psychologist“It is impersonal to text a Harley biker woman to go out for a date. Because dating is all about getting to know the other motorcycle enthusiast personally, and the lengthy line of invitation sets a poorer tone and impairs the communication’s dynamics which should have been exciting. Instead of asking your dream Harley biker partner from across the board, make a call and show your affection by presenting your emotions and tones.

2.Time has changed, so forget about the “Taboos”
I can list way too many cliches that are deeply entrenched when motorcycle online dating is concerned such as “Playing hard to get as a Harley biker woman will show your value”, “Motorcycle dudes should be strong and dominant, especially when it comes to bills”, “Being easy on the first Harley biker date will get you no where” and the list goes on. Well, we, as Harley biker singles, who enjoy the motorcycle riding lifestyle, have to admit the old time has passed and our mentality has changed too. Don’t stick to the outdated so-called motorcycle dating norms which will get you no where these days, make your own choice by listening to your own heart and respecting your feelings!

3.Confidence is key.
Everyone wants to be attractive to others, so do men and women Harley motorcycle riders. And showing your confidence is the best as well as incomparable way to make the first good impression, in another word, turning confidence into an enduring charm and as a result, being perceived as attractive by your special Harley biker single.

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