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6 Tips Write the First Letter to a Biker online?


BikerKissMany bikers have found a good dating website for bikers to look for their perfect partner, but they don’t get many responses after sending messages. What’s the problems with this situation? Well, you may not notice that the first message is essential to get the attention from a girl. So, how to write a good first message troubles many hefty motorcycle riders. Here are some tips for you to level up your first message.

1. Focus on quality, not quantity.
It is unwise for biker men to send messages to a great many of girls at the same time. They won’t take too much time to write high-quality messages to send to their best matches. Biker women users will ignore almost all the messages when they get so many of this kind of mass-messages, but biker guys just think there will be one who will send reply back. Unfortunately, this one may be not the best one that fit. Here is the advice. You should search the best biker matches for you, and then you look at their interests, belief, lifestyle and what type of guys they prefer. Then you choose one that fit you the most. Then spend more time writing your message to her sincerely. This way will make it more likely to receive response.

2. Lay emphasis on common interests and personality – not looks.
It makes motorcycle girls feel disgusting to talk about the looks of them all the time. Of course, their beauty needs to compliment, but they also need to feel that you are interested in them not because what they look like, but because who they are. Focus on biker girls’ personality will make them know you have read their profiles and then they will open their hearts to find out what you will say next. Prove you are not one of those casual guys.

3. Start a conversation.
How to start a conversation is still a big question to motorcycle guys who only know general question like, “What’s up?” or “How are you?” These questions are meaningless and will lead to a dead end. So ask questions based on her profile and the common interest you share. When you bring up a topic you both like, you two will have a lot of to talk about. However, on a biker dating website, your first common interest will be motorcycles, which reduces the difficulty in starting a long conversation. Questions are necessary to keep the talk going.

4. Make the question simple
Don’t ask too many questions in your first message. It is not the right way to show your interest to a biker girl. It will make Harley girls feel uncomfortable and ignore you. Just prepare one or two questions that are easy to respond and will keep conversation going as well. There are lots of resources in her profile for you to find out. Just pick one detail that you are curious about or that you have in common, and ask her about it.

5. Keep it short
Your first message should not be prolix. Just make a simple introduction to you and your riding life, show your interest in her and her profile, ask one or two questions based on her profile and things you have in common, then sign your name in the end. Make it two or three paragraphs. The first message is to gain the interest from a girl. A clear and comfortable one will do you a good favor.

6. Re-read what you just wrote
Pay attention to spelling and grammatical errors which will leave a bad impression to some girls. Then correct it before sending out.

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