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Top 8 Mistakes Biker Men Make When Contacting Women Online


biker girlAs a motorcycle rider, you should know the top eight things that you should not do when you are contacting single biker women on biker dating websites. You will waist a lot of time if you are not clear about them.

Mistake 1: Simply sending her a wink
The “winks” or “show interest” for free on the biker dating websites is useless to some degree. It is too easy for you to send “winks” to girls you meet on the website and all girls know that. It will only make girls feel that you are not so interested in them. Besides, to a popular girl with a great profile, there are dozens of other biker guys sending them real messages every day. Why should she take notice of you?

Mistake 2: Not having a recent QUALITY photo on your profile
Some biker dating sites make it compulsory to upload at least one photo, while others don’t require. It actually does your own good. If you want to get more attention, then you should upload some quality photos in your profiles, especially those with your motorcycles. And make sure that you upload recent photos, not those from many years ago.

Mistake 3: Sending a message with a boring subject
Statistics show that biker men are almost two times than biker women on most online dating websites. So good looking girls get a massive of winks and messages every day. They surely don’t have time and energy to check out all the messages. Then, what kind of messages can stand out among others? You should take time to figure out an interesting subject and ask one or two questions based on her profile.

Mistake 4: Sending her a vague or lame message
If you are serious about finding an ideal biker woman on biker dating websites, then you should try harder to write your messages. Start from her profile. Read her profile carefully, learn things about her and send her message with your interest and insightful content. Make sure you treat her as a special and important woman.

Mistake 5: Taking too long to respond
It takes too much to get the response from her, why wait to reply back? You shouldn’t afraid of pushing her away. Just send message back as soon as you get her reply. There is a big chance that she will get response from others before yours. Be confident!

Mistake 6: Asking for personal information too soon
You are exciting that she responds you. And you are eager to know her email address, phone number, work address or even home address. Just don’t. It will only scare her off and kill this relationship. Take it slow and let you two get to know each other before asking personal information.

Mistake 7: Sending her money or a credit card number
There are scammers everywhere on social networking sites. Don’t be cheated by one of them. If you don’t get messages for a long time and suddenly a beautiful girl emails you and say she will make your life better. Don’t take it for real and do not send money and other financial information to her.

Mistake 8: Not knowing what you really want
Last but not the least one, you should spend time thinking what you are looking for. You can meet lots of biker singles on a biker dating website, but it will probably end with nothing. Why? The one you choose to contact may not be the most perfect one for you. So it is not recommended to send messages to many people once. Just figure out what type of biker woman do you really want and then search for her with the powerful search system. Once again, reading the profile of a woman is important.

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