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Customized Services for Bikers Only: 1. Backseat Riders 2. Bike Garage 3. Invite to a Ride 4. Motorcycle Business 5. Biker Fan Page 6. Biker Groups 7. Biker Events


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  • It is 100% FREE to use all the services related to biker social network there.


  • Again, BikerOrNot is not only about a biker dating site. It is more about a biker social network place. You can see all elements about social network here, so we can treat it as Biker's Facebook.

Featured Services:

  • 1. "Find or fill a backseat" and "Backseat advisable" are interesting for both a man with a biker looking for a single woman to fill his empty backseat, and a woman without a motorcycle interested in riding on an empty backseat. When you like a Harley guy and want to ride on his back as a passenger, you can lick "Yes" under his account. The site does not tell the man your interest when you click "yes" unilaterally. You two will be noticed only when you both like each other. This is very useful for women who are shy to say like.
  • 2. "Bike Garage" is a personal gallery under each user's account, which allow users to show others what they are riding. BikerorNot provides a detailed list about motorcycle manufacturers, types, models and years for users to select when adding their motorcycle photos. Other users can see your bike photos only when they visit your profile.
  • 3. "Invite to Ride" is a powerful feature which includes some services such as "Create a Ride or Event", "Search Events", "Join a Event", "My Events Schedule" and "Invite to a Ride" and so on. The events you create will show up in the search result when other people search local events. You can set your event open to all or only friends and decide who can join your events.
  • 4. "Motorcycle Store" allows all motorcycle agents to set up an online motorcycle store and sell their motorcycle on the site. Of course, you need to pay for the booth. From the perspective of biker users, it is useful for you to pick some cheapies than those in physical stores.
  • 5. "Biker Fan Page" is the same as the fan page on Facebook. The difference is your fan page here is focus on things related to biker life of motorcycle culture. It is a great platform to show others your life, hobbies and anything you like.
  • 6. "Biker Groups" for people to get together to discuss some topic and help each other. You can post any topics about the group purpose and get other group members to join your subject. You can also join any topics to help others. "Biker Events" is always working together with the feature "Invite to Ride".


BikerOrNot is the best choice if you want to find local biker friends or discuss motorcycle culture, since you can see all thing about biker life here. But, if you want to looking for a biker single for love and relationship, please try other top 4 biker dating sites we have reviewed for you.

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