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The Lifestyle of Christian biker women and my experience with


My experience with being a Christian Biker woman, is that it seems hard to meet real true and good Christian bikers to get out and have fun with and do things with., partnered with BikerKiss, is a great way for Christian singles and bikers to meet other Christians and enjoy some of the same things that they might like to enjoy doing together. Motorcycle riding is one of them. I'm so happy that I found this website. This is the only Christian Biker Dating website that I know of. And hopefully, and maybe, - I think that I just might meet my mate-match right here. This is my short story for my motorcycle experience that I've had, so far.

I've been searching for a long time now for a dating site like this one is! I've seen other sites for singles dating and know of meeting places for bikers, but nothing like this that's made especially for CHRISTIAN BIKERS. This is a unique site and all it's very own. I'm so happy to finally find this CHRISTIAN SINGLES DATING CLUB for bikers, that enable people to come together from everywhere allover, who all have a common interest in motorcycles and biking, like I always have, still do, and always will. And for another point it makes me happy is that I was also glad that this website BIKERKISS.COM don't make it a rule that you need to have a motorcycle before you can register with them. Some other groups have certain rules where before you can join with them you need to have a motorcycle or you can't join, but this one wasn't like that.

I've always loved motorcycles since I was a early-teen, and I even owned a Harley motorcycle back then, and I realize more and more, looking back through the years that have passed, just how much that I've really missed having a Harley ever since then. And I know that because as time passes on, my feelings have gotten more stronger for that every time that I see a motorcycle, and I can hear and feel the sound of them. I always know a Harley when I hear one, because they sound different, and It takes me back immediately where I can go back and remember and reminisce of all the fun times that I had dirt-bike riding with my friends. There's just something about owning a Harley that's exhilarating and totally freeing, and I miss the feeling of the wind in my hair.

We all got together and mingled, with our motorcycles, on a regular basis, and it takes me right back to how it was when I owned mine so very long ago. I will get another Harley motorcycle to ride on. I go to the nearby mountains at Red Rock and Mount Charleston a lot, and I see the bikers riding there, and I want to do the same. I would also love to meet my soul mate and lifetime-partner on here that owns a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or is planning on getting one, so that we both can ride together. There's just something about a man on a Harley- and I think it makes them a very exciting and s-ee-xx-yy-man.