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Simple Tips for Single Biker Women to Maintenance a Motorcycle


biker women If you are a single female motorcycle rider, then you need to know how to maintain your motorcycle by your own. Bikes are the best friends to you that need to be treated carefully. Only this way, can it stay with you to accomplish all your expeditions and dream on the open road. Of course, if you have a biker man, then you can hand all the maintenance jobs over to him. But it is not bad for biker ladies to know some simple maintenance tips.

1. Keep it clean

Keep your bike clean has lots of benefits. It can not only keep your bike looking good, but also keep it free from dirt and grit, which will make it run longer than others. After a long distance riding, it is fun for single biker babe to bring it back to showroom quality and spend a special time with your best friend. Before wash it, remove things that you don’t want to get wet, such as tank bags, luggage and other accessories. And get your cleaning tools ready - a bucket, soap, bug and tar remover, engine cleaner, a toothbrush, a brush for wheel cleaning, tyre cleaner, paint polish, metal polish, a variety of soft cotton and so on.

2. Lube it
Lubricate your drive chain will extend the working life of your motorcycle drive chain and sprockets. How they can last depends on the size and configuration of your bike, as well as the quality of the chain, but regularly cleaning and lubrication can greatly extend the lifespan of any chain. Although how to lube the chain is not always as straight forward as it may appear, female riders can still finish that maintenance by themselves.

3. Pump up the types
Pumping up the tyres seems easy, but there are lots of female Harley riders don’t know how to do it. But if you don’t pump up the tyres about once a week, they will deflate slowly, which will lead to a number of consequences on the road. And the most common result is that you need to get a new tyre as it wears badly.

4. Assess damage carefully
If you have an smart accident or even just drop your motorcycle on the ground, you also should have your bike assessed carefully. Sometimes, the damage inside is invisible for single motorcycle riders. And it is extremely dangerous for anyone to ride a damaged bike.

5. Get it fully checked regularly
Your motorcycle need to get serviced professionally at a bike shop or bike maintenance shop every six to twelve months. Of course, if you often have your bike checked before a motorcycle journey, then it depends on yourself.


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