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Why and How to Dress As a Biker Lady?


With the accelerated pace of life and social competition is fierce, more and more people in the west countries especially in US, are keen on all kinds of outdoor adventures such as mountaineering, exploration, pedestrianism and motorcycle riding. Those activities, especially Harley riding, not only become the main entertainment of people, but also reflect a philosophy of their life. What's more, motorcycle riding is not only a perfect lifestyle of many single men, but also a favorite choice for biker women. With the number of biker women growing, more single men start to try dating with a biker girl and begin paying attention to the dress of biker ladies.

As a biker woman, you should understand the dressing style of other biker women around you in order to keep you as more fashion as possible. Those single men, who want to date with a biker girl, would like to see a biker girlfriend with real biker style but not one who just make up the number in a group. So most biker women tend to pay more attention to how to dress to attract biker boys. If you are not good at dressing, you can read some articles about how to be a biker girl on some biker dating sites such as and On those sites, you can some practical blog message or forum topics along with lots of comments from other users. This may help you see different views of different types of motorcycle women. Sorry, all this is a digression. I will give you some useful suggestions below.


If you are a biker girl, you are not be able to tolerate the lack of a leather which will help protect you from danger during your riding time. Some quality leather good waterproof, moisture permeability, windproof and warmth-preservation functions. In fact, most women focus mostly on its another function which modify their body to allure biker men's attention. In a short, leather is the first choice for women to be be more sexy and charming.

Headscarf or Helmet

Maybe you think you have many ways to keep fashion when you are driving. For example, a beautiful headscarf or an intriguing helmet will promote your personality characteristics. Different headwear or helmet will give you different experiences. A headscarf may be optional when you are ready to ride for a short travel, but a helmet is a required option if you plan for a long riding trip.


If you have chosen to ride as a backseat passenger of a single guy with Harley, no matter what you choose is not so important. But if you are a real biker lady and decide to ride by yourself, Jeans is a good choice. which will make you sit at a more secure position.


Maybe you have all kinds of normal boots in daily life. But as a biker girl, you must have a couple of motorcycle boots at least. To improve the safety of motorcycle driving, the boots are made up of the heavy leather and also use some cushioning materials and composites to protect your ankles, feet, and shanks. A long boots is the first choice for sexy biker ladies since it will protect your sexy legs and feet.

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