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Even though some people are still holding a suspicious attitude towards socializing online, no one can deny that online dating has boomed in popularity. It didn’t happen for no reason. Online dating attribute its success to the fact that it has greatly multiplied the chance for you to meet quality singles who you might never have your life intersected with in real life, and different kinds of solutions are created to make communication barrier play a much less important role. For numerous singles who are occupied with work, the overpowering advantage of online dating surely exerts a significant influence on their love life. However, amid a great amount of dating websites emerged overnight, it can be hard to make a decision and tell which one suits you the best. Thus, evaluating the website in advance can be quiet an important step on your love seeking journey. To simplify the complex task, we have done a comprehensive research of the 30 most popular online dating websites, among which, BikerOrNot.net is one of the best judging from multiple aspects.

Being a pioneer in the field of online dating, Biker Or Not has gained a good reputation for its simplicity and proficiency for over a decade since its establishment. As you can tell from the website’s name, BikerOrNot caters exclusively to singles who share the same passion-riding motorcycles. With the purpose to help biker singles to connect online, Biker Or Not has made some painstaking efforts to meet their needs. Therefore, a series of customized features, which is also regarded as an innovative features in the biker dating world, were created. For example, the team has put together an extensive and always growing collection of guidelines of riding motorcycles, which contains a variety of parts catering to newbies, amateurs and professional riders. Moreover, registered users can post their stories and experience related to motorcycle in order to share the joy and make biker friends. By certifying members’ drive licence, the type of their motorcycle as well as the riding habits, BikerOrNot.net makes matching efficient and convenient for bikers singles to look for their special half. Unlike many other conventional dating sites, there is also a feature called “ start an event” on BikerOrNot, which allows users to search and view other bikers by distance, and start an event with them. Whether it’s just a casual meet up over coffee, a ride to the remote village or even a rally, send him/her an ice breaker and the stories always start from here!

BikerOrNot.net treat its clients with respect and no information leakage is allowed. Therefore, to ensure users’ privacy, the website is secured with SSL and all the private chatting history is strictly encrypted. Preventing scams and fake users from entering is also of great importance. Every user is required to submit the picture of their ID card during registration process and some research work will be done manually to verify the person’s identity.

What is there to lose to take a look at BikerOrNot.net? It will be your very first step to find friends, companies or true love.