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Nice biker women gears is useful for your biker date


biker women gears Harley-Davidson is synonymous with the dream of many motorcycle enthusiasts in their mind. A Harley Fatboy does not just means a cool vehicle for biker ladies, it is something more than speed and passion since it make women stand out as a self-reliant rider. There is a large group of girls who have broken the tradition that motorcycle riding seems to belong to men. They are no longer content with passenger's role of just riding on the back of a Harley man with both arms surround his waist only. They like to ride by themselves and have their own special biker look which can be just a sexy well fitting leather chaps or a pare of tattered cowboy suit. They like to enjoy the sensation that many men look back at them and talk to them on the road. As a biker girl, do you know how to choose the right gear to protect you from dangerous and show your sexy side?

Firstly, helmet is very important for Harley riders to protect their head from the impact of the external things in an emergency situation. If you are an inexperienced biker girl, you had better choose a full face motorcycle helmet which has the best property to protect you on your road of a long riding trip. If you are a veteran motorcycle lady, three-quarter or open-face helmet is a good choice. It is popular with bikers since it is built-in a vent to provide fresh air and reduce the temperature in inside of the helmet.

Then, choosing the suitable leather is significant. The comfortable leather not only play the role of safety protection but also make female riders feel more sexy. Riding motorcycle to your local biker rallies with the beautiful leather will make you more confident, because it will make you look more professional and experienced. Thirdly, don't forget your feet need to be protected either. In the course of riding, boots will play a key role. You are likely to be at the risk of burns without leather pants and long boots thanks to the high temperature burning exhaust pipe. If your boots are not fit or poor quality, your feet also get injured easily in the long riding trip.

As a motorcycle biker, you should also prepare some other tools, such as gloves, cuffs, face mask, leather belt and so on. These biker gears can give you some effective protection whenever or wherever you ride. If you think these viewpoints are a little helpful to you, you can go to motorcycle market to prepare some gears to keep you away from the danger along the road. If you want to know more detail about how to get sexy biker women gears to attract biker men in your city, you can check biker dating tips on some biker dating websites such as and Many single biker women and men post their blogs and forum messages on those sites and get many biker singles involved in commenting on those tips. Discussing about those idea on how to wear cool motorcycle girl gear will help you more.

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