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The Dos and Don’ts in Your First Biker Dating


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There is a fast growing number of single bikers choose to date online. Well, it is the best and easiest way to hook up another single motorcycle rider in modern days. Online dating for bikers is a way to get each others together, and final purpose is to develop a serious and long-lasting relationship in reality. There are two main ways to do this transition: one is a slower but the safest way, while the other is a quick but risky way.

The slower option is a guaranteed way that is about giving each bikers’ more time to know and building basic trust and rapport. Since your potential single biker date reply your message, it means he or she has an interest in you as you do. Then you can keep sending each other messages throughout the day and try to please your biker man or biker woman. After a period when you have built up a little more trust, you can ask for the phone number to talk on the phone. Then get a chance to arrange the first date.

The quick way for bikers is to skip all the trust process and just ask for the meet-up. Of course, it will end with nothing if single riders take it too rush. It should be performed at the right time, maybe after 20-30 emails. The advantage of this method is to show bikers’ intention is to meet up, not to have a new pen pal. Just bring the meet-up in a casual way and don’t put much pressure on your biker date.

Then come to the first date between two single motorcycle riders. If you are supposed to choose the location, choose some place where you feel comfortable and offers the opportunity to sit or walk side by side. And ask for opinion of the biker you are dating. During the date, act like it is your second date. Don’t be too nervous or awkward and just chat like good friends. Listen carefully and express your understanding and approval to what your biker date is sating. If possible, follow up with a similar story or experience from your own life. Go ahead and talk about your riding stories and encourage the biker you are dating to talk about his or hers. It is the most significant experience for bikers to share their riding stories, which will definitely bring you two closer. If things go well and you feel there has been some flirting, be brave to go for a kiss. No matter you are a biker guy or biker girl, a kiss will demonstrate attractive qualities. At the end of your dating, don’t try to set up the second date, but make it clear that you would like to see him or her again.

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